Music School Dusseldorf

Looking for a music school in Dusseldorf? Then you are exactly right at the Musikschule Emotio.

Directly in the center of Dusseldorf, we offer lessons in a total of 16 subjects at our Dusseldorf music school. For beginners and advanced students, our highly qualified educators are happy to answer all your questions about music lessons.

Violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, vocals.

The most popular instruments: violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, vocals.

In addition to music lessons at the music school, we offer home music lessons throughout the city.

Our fee structure is simple, fair and transparent.

You pay only the monthly tuition and if you borrow an instrument from us, a rental fee. This is despite the fact that we operate without the government subsidies common to municipal music schools, which are funded by your taxes. Our lean and efficient administrative structure allows us to do this.

In contrast to some other music schools, we charge

  • no admission fees
  • no usage fees for the use of instruments in lessons
  • no surcharges for lessons for adults

Compare our prices and quality with other music schools!

We do not know any waiting times: You can register with us at any time. Arrange a free trial lesson now!

We teach at your home in the greater Dusseldorf area as well as at the following locations:

Musikschule Emotio Dusseldorf

Our highly trained music educators welcome you to our music school. A wide variety of instruments awaits you at different locations. In music lessons it is possible to gain experience in classical music as well as pop / rock. The long experience of our music school ensures goal-oriented and personalized music lessons.

Individual music lessons for the whole family, for children and adults

Practice early – we welcome the youngest members of your family as early as kindergarten age. Even in adulthood we will find the right offer for you. Whether you are a newcomer to music or would like to learn a new instrument, our music teachers will be happy to help you.

We will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

Early musical education in Dusseldorf

In addition to classical instrumental lessons, we also offer early musical education in our music school. For the very young we have developed the „concert format“ Baby Concerts. Here parents, grandparents and siblings have the opportunity to be introduced to music in a playful way together with the little ones. Afterwards, of course, the participation in one of our courses of early musical education.

At our music school, toddlers have the opportunity to pursue their musical inclinations from the very beginning. The first musical support and development is supported in an informal and playful way.

Music history Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf has an extensive musical past. Alongside great Romantic composers such as Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the Schumann family has played a formative role in the city’s musical history. Not only Robert Schumann but also Clara Schumann are closely interwoven with the city of Dusseldorf, the latter especially through her later association with Johannes Brahms, who in the meantime lived with Clara Schumann in Dusseldorf.

Probably the best known home of the Schumann family in Dusseldorf was the Bilker Straße in the Carlstadt. The cellist T. Beckmann lives here today.

Even today, references to this time can be found in Dusseldorf, so the former music academy is now called Robert-Schumann Musikhochschule and is located directly on Kennedydamm in the Golzheim district. Clara Schumann is also the patron saint of the municipal music school in Dusseldorf.

If you would like to learn more about the work of various musicians and artists in Dusseldorf, we recommend the Heinrich Heine Institute, where you can view letters, sheet music and much more.

If you would like to become a great musician yourself, you are cordially invited to a trial lesson with us.