Music School Cologne

Looking for a music school in Cologne? Then you are exactly right at Musikschule Emotio.

With a total of ten different locations, we offer music lessons throughout the entire Cologne metropolitan area.

The most popular instruments: violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, vocals.

Whether young or old, beginner or advanced – we are your music school in Cologne. Besides lessons in our own premises, we also offer music lessons at your home.

Our fee structure is simple, fair and transparent.

You pay only the monthly tuition and if you borrow an instrument from us, a rental fee. This is despite the fact that we operate without the government subsidies common to municipal music schools, which are funded by your taxes. Our lean and efficient administrative structure allows us to do this.

In contrast to some other music schools, we charge

  • no admission fees
  • no usage fees for the use of instruments in lessons
  • no surcharges for lessons for adults

Compare our prices and quality with other music schools!

We do not know any waiting times: You can register with us at any time. Arrange a free trial lesson now!

Find the right music school in Cologne

If you are looking for music schools in Cologne, you have a lot of choice. In addition to the municipal music schools, there are independent institutions and freelance music teachers who specialize in an instrument.

Why our music school?

Musikschule Emotio has many years of experience in music education and a wide range of professional music teachers. With us it is possible to receive music lessons with the whole family, at different locations and on a wide variety of instruments. There is no restriction on the place of residence or the range of lessons offered.

As a music school in the Rhineland with other locations outside of Cologne, we naturally feel very connected to the region. Of course, our Rhenish cheerfulness always comes out in the lessons as well.

Music lessons for adults in Cologne

In addition to music lessons for children, we also offer appropriate music lessons for adults. Whether returning to music or beginners, together we develop appropriate concepts and goals for music lessons with children, teenagers and adults.

Instrumental and singing lessons for children

With us, the youngest children start their musical education at an early age on an instrument, with the voice or classical in early musical education. Each child is supported individually, corresponding strengths and preferences are worked out and integrated into the music lessons. To show what they have learned on their instrument, all students have the opportunity to participate in internal and external auditions of the music school.

Music school locations in Cologne

In addition to the locations listed above, almost all Cologne districts such as Ehrenfeld, Rodenkirchen, Brauweiler and Porz are within our direct catchment area. The music school in Widdersdorf, for example, can be reached from Cologne-Ehrenfeld in just a few minutes.

Please have a look at the map above and the address to find out which of our music schools in Cologne is the most convenient for you.

Cologne – diversity you can hear

Cologne captivates with its unique and international music scene. For decades, the metropolis has been a focal point for talent from all over the world to perform and grow. The city has long since sprung from the historic roots of cathedral music. Alongside the famous Philharmonie, Cologne serves as a modern music avant-garde. No matter what world you are interested in, Cologne is the right place to immerse yourself in old or new music, jazz, electro, singing or even dance. The list of internationally known music ensembles based in Cologne is considerable. In many scenes, it is not Berlin but Cologne that is the capital of creativity. Public and private sponsors go hand in hand here.

For those who not only want to listen, but also to participate, our teaching offers exactly the right training.